BACS™ Fleet Glance

Automotive Multi-biometric Access Solution


Most Convenient Real-time Based Touchless Dual Biometric Driver Recognition


BACS™ Fleet Glance

BACS Fleet Glance is a multi-factor biometric authentication solution for use in commercial vehicles. Glance combines face and iris authentication embedded into a rear-view mirror and automatically authenticates an approved driver with just a glance. Glance can be integrated into commercial fleet services where the requirement exists to manage employed drivers’ time, attendance and location. Drivers can easily access without physical tags or IDs and companies can efficiently monitor registered drivers to operate the fleet.

Key Features

· Real-time based touchless dual biometric driver recognition : Face and Iris
· Dashcam & E-ZPass(electronic toll collector) integrated


크루셜트랙의 독창적인 얼굴 인식 기술은 빠르고 편리합니다.

- 다양한 위치의 얼굴을 정확히 찾아내는 자동 트레킹 모듈 (측정 신장: 120cm-220cm)
- 인증 시도자의 얼굴만을 정확히 포착
- 1초 미만의 초고속 인식
- 저조도 역광 개선

세계 최초의 자동 추적 메커니즘을 통한 편리한 인증

- 자동 홍채 트레킹 기능
- 대형 캘리버 줌 오토 포커싱 (장거리 인식 가능)
- 최적 이미지 선택 알고리즘
- IEC-62471 안전 규격 충족
- PWM 방열/발광 강도 컨트롤
- Partial Iris 인식



Fleet units


emergency vehicles

Key Specification

Model Name Fleet Glance
Memory / Storage 4G / 32G
Built in Display Motion Lighting
Operation Mode Iris / Face (single and multi mode)
Biometric Recognitions Iris Face
Camera 5M Pixel 1.3M Pixel
Focus Auto focus Fixed focal
Recognition Distance Up to 60 cm ~2m / ~6.5 ft
FAR/FRR of Algorithm 0.00001/0.01 0.001 / 0.1
Capacity Up to 1,000 Iris Up to 500 faces
Lighting Source Infra Red Natural Light (min 600 lux)
Data Encryption AES 256
Proximity Sensor Built in
Safety IEC-62471
Communications Wi-Fi(option) , Gigabit Ethernet, RS-485, USB 2.0, Wiegand out, RS485, RS232C
Input / Output Out : Relay X 1, GPO x3(open drain port)
Connections 18p socket, RJ45, HDMI micro 4p(Debug) ,USB 2.0(Debug)
Power 12V DC
External Interface USB 2.0 & HDMI(Debug)
Event Log Capacity 100K events
Remote Control Built in WEB server
Operating Temperature - 20 ˚C to 70 ˚C / - 68 °F to 158 °F
Operating Humidity 5% to 80%
Housing Materials Flame retardant ABS, Poly Carbonate, PP
Management SW CRUAMS (CrucialTrak Access Management System)
Certifications CE,  NRTL,  TUV,  FCC,  KC


CrucialTrak BACS™ Brochure

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Fleet Glance Data sheet

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